As an avid listener of Andy Frisella’s podcasts, I’ve been studying how to rewire my brain towards the positive by this man’s teachings. There are several things I’ve NEVER learned from my college education or my real-world experiences that match the information that I’ve received from Andy’s podcast. I was so sold my entire life to live a certain way. To think a certain way. To believe things would ‘manifest’ without having to actually put in some REAL work.

On one of Andy’s episodes, he introduced a mental toughness challenge called #75HARD which requires you to adhere to a few tasks everyday flawlessly:

  1. Follow a diet (to your choosing + no alcohol or cheat meals)
  2. (2) 45-minute workouts – One of them needs to be outdoors!
  3. Consume 1 gallon of water
  4. Read 10 pages of a non-fictional entrepreneurship book
  5. Take a progress picture

Sounds pretty simple right? It is simple. HOWEVER, being consistent with this challenge through the obligations you have in your life for 75 days straight is what makes it difficult. Birthday? No excuse. Thanksgiving? No excuse. Going on vacation? No excuse. If you mess up on any step, you have to start all over from Day 1! At first, it reads as a ‘physical transformation’ challenge. Though it reads like one, this is truly a mental challenge as it will test how much grit you ACTUALLY have; a good reason why I was interested in taking this challenge.


On October 16th, 2019, I began this challenge for the first time with some friends and family who we share a support group with on Instagram. The main concern I had about this challenge was performing in a way where I WOULDN’T lose weight or results.

“You don’t want to lose weight, Joe? What?” TRUE! I’ve been lifting for several years and I feel like I currently am at a desirable physical body fat percentage. However, I wouldn’t mind gaining a few extra pounds of muscle or numbers on my core lifts. Losing weight makes those two goals a bit more difficult. So here’s how I’m tacking the challenge.

  1. DIET: I was always pretty much on top of my diet. I always had my shit together and paid attention to what I ate about 70-80% of the time. I did have alcohol here and there. My biggest vice with my diet was sugar, salty snacks, and processed foods. To aid my already clean eating, I’m completely eliminating sugary foods, salty snacks, and processed foods from my diet. No alcohol as well!
  2. I’m already doing a 6-day PPL split, so this should be pretty easy! However, finding the time for an extra 45-minute outdoor workout with my busy schedule will be pretty difficult
  3. Consuming a gallon of water a damn near a routine for me already. On top of this!
  4. I used to aim to read at minimum 10 pages a day due to Andy preaching this in his previous podcasts. I did it at points. I fell off at points. I really want to stay consistent this time
  5. Progress picture? EASY! I feel like this might be difficult for me because it’s easy to overlook as I plan to do this towards the end of the day



My first day was a super success. I walked several laps around the park in my neighboorhood while listening to a podcast. I knocked out an amazing push-day workout directly after. I downed my water + more by 2:00 pm. I revived my book, “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz. I’ve read this book in the past, but I wanted to reread this book because it has some super-valuable information that really benefited my life for the positive. Side note: Andy sent this book out to a few listeners who e-mailed him back in 2015 while he was ‘podcasting’ on periscope to share how much this book influenced his life, making it a bit more meaningful. Here’s my progress pic from Day 1!


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