Well well well. DAY 8 and I already started it off bad!! Didn’t START my gallon water until 1 pm. ALMOST ate some fast-food french fries (don’t even ask how that happened. However, I caught my self and successfully finished the day! Today’s a bit of a special day because it’s the first day of the NBA season! My workout was a push day workout with a bit more focus on strength. Here’s my workout as follows:

  1. Bench Press 3×5
  2. Overhead Press 3×5
  3. Cable Flies 4×8
  4. DB Shoulder Press 4×4-6
  5. OH Tricep Extension 4×8
  6. Tricep Pushdown 4×8
  7. Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdown 4×8

Being a HUGE Lakers fan, I tried to make sure I finished all my deeds early in the day to get to watch the game. Watched LA take the L unfortunately and called it a night!!! Progress pic with some abs showing as follows!

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