I always lightweight ‘lived’ for the weekend. Now it’s turning into another day

You should know the drill by now. POWER WALK around the park around my complex for 45 minutes and contemplate my life lol. This 45-minute walk is becoming more and more refreshing by the day as I can really think about what’s going on, contemplate my life, and really feel what’s going around me. I sorta turned it into a race to see if I can lap the people or outpace the people walking around the park as well.

Nothing too crazy going on today. I headed to the gym afterward and had a monster push workout with a bit more focus on shoulders. Here’s it was as follows

  1. Overhead Press 4×8 135lbs followed by a drop set
  2. Bench Press 3×12 225lbs
  3. Seated Shoulder Machine Press 4×8 180lbs
  4. Leaning Lat Raise 3 x 12
  5. Seated Cable Fly 4 x 8 290lbs
  6. Seated Overhead Tricep Extension 4×8 220lbs
  7.  Annnd I forgot the rest of my workout, my bad!!!

Another LONG day @ work then headed home for the day!

Usually, on Fridays, I get in the mood to step out or do something on the homies to feed my anticipation for the weekend. In this case, I’m treating it as a weekday. I knocked out some extra work and took my ass to bed.

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