Same shit, different day. You already know the drill!! Really don’t feel like getting it crackin’ today, but we’re going to get shit done anyways!! I really don’t feel like these walks are challenging enough for me, so I’m thinking about getting a jump rope so that I can get ready for this basketball tournament AND my highschool alumni gate in late November.


Anyways, here comes BACK day, my favorite day of the week. Follow along with my full workout below:

  1. Pull Ups 3×12
  2. Machine Rows 4×8
  3. Lat Pull Downs 4×8
  4. Yates Row 4×8
  5. Straight Arm Pull Dows 3×8
  6. Facepulls 2 x 12

I’m starting to get the hang of things. Journey is becoming easier and easier. 75 days in no time!!

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