DAY 3 and a WHOOOLE lot longer to go! I started my day off walking around the park in my neighborhood as usual. For some reason, power walking through that park hella fast makes the time go by faster than normal. I’ve noticed that my everyday normal walking pace is much faster than it was before because of this morning walks I do in my neighboorhood. I had to get to work early, so I knocked out my workout early and headed to my second workout in the evening.

After work and visiting some family, I got to the gym a bit later than I had on an empty stomach. I haven’t felt this hungry is a minute… I real life felt like eating a whole ass buffet because I was starving. However, my workout playlist and my custom pre-workout made it easy to breeze the workout while hungry.

On the way out of the gym, Busted my ass off on a leg day workout + a partial part of my at-home abs workout & calves with a bit more focus on volume. Here’s my workout below

  1. Squats 4×8 315lbs
  2. Glute Ham Raises 3×12 w/ pause
  3. TKE Drop Lunge 4 x 12 w/ 25lb plate
  4. Single-Leg RDL w/ Kettlebell 4×15 75lbs
  5. Leg Extenin (ended early, didn’t like how my knee was feeling)
  6. Leg Curls 4 x 12 210lbs
  7. Hanging Leg Raises 3 x 12
  8. Single  Arm Cable Crunches 3 x 15
  9. Cable Side Bends 2 x 15
  10. Donkey Calf Raises 4 x 15 (30 sec rest)

ALL I could think about was food. I REALLY didn’t feel like cooking a whole meal. I cleared out my pantry of all the snacks I used to consume to divert my hunger. I decided to keep it simple and load up on some boiled eggs. Did it do the trick? Sorta, but it was something to keep the wheels rolling. Took my shower, knocked out some work on my side projects, read my 10-pages, and off we are to the next day

Things are seeming pretty easy for me SO FAR because I was already doing most of the rules! I breezed through everything. My diet was on point. I finished my water damn near at 3:00 pm. I had a crazy pull-day workout along with some ab work at the end. Nothing too crazy today, but here’s the start of a long journey.

Here’s my 3rd-day progression picture! Not much of a difference, but I definitely feel much more different on the inside. Follow more of my journey via my Instagram Stories @JoeActivated

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