Farishta’s Transformation

Farishta has been going hard AF in the gym for the last few months. She was doing her own thing beforehand where she didn’t notice progression fast enough. When we began training, her priority was to gain mass, so I catered to her needs. She has made a LOT of progress in a short amount of time. She began working with me in April of 2019. The current results are from April of 2019 to June of 2019. She was on a dirty bulk plan for a bit, then we switched her over to flexible dieting along with a customized workout plan. A few months down the line, her progression will be even crazier! Amazing job to Farishta for focusing on the lifts and diet to a T and it shows!!

“I seriously had 0 booty before starting ’s workout and nutrition plan ! It’s only been a couple months but, His guidance has not only helped me grow and build my lower body but also has made my lifts become much stronger ! It’s not easy but if you follow the plan, you will get results !!” – Farishta



Farishta (Personal Online Coaching)