Madeline’s Transformation

Madeline is a BEAST!!  She started her activated transformation last March and has been on it! She wanted to focus on maintaining her curves while toning out. We broke down what she needed to do and she’s been super consistent with the workouts and the diet! Her 3-month transformation is amazing, imagine her a year from now!


I used to say I worked out so that I could eat whatever I wanted, but yet I’d be frustrated with my results. As I started the workout plan that Joe created to fit my personal needs, I was also advised to keep track of my calorie, fat, protein, and carb intake. I went from constantly feeling bloated and insecure about certain areas of my body to feeling stronger, healthier, and way more confident. Through this process I learned to be patient and consistent. I believe with patience and consistency, you will see the results you want overtime which will motivate you to keep on going! – Madeline



Madeline (Personal Online Coaching)