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Here’s a collection of people who have either had success from my workout plans or my personal online coaching!

  • Hy’s Transformation

    Getting lean, bigger, and stronger was what Hy was all about! He’s been lifting for a few years prior to hopping on board with my personal online coaching.  Consistency with his diet. Consistency with his workout plan I gave to him all added up to his success!! Prime example of what consistency gets you! HYMAN ACTIVATED!!

  • Farishta’s Transformation

    Farishta has been going hard AF in the gym for the last few months. She was doing her own thing beforehand where she didn’t notice progression fast enough. When we began training, her priority was to gain mass, so I catered to her needs. She has made a LOT of progress in a short amount of time. She began working…

  • Joe’s Transformation

    Here’s a personal transformation from a few years of training! Back in 2015, my focus was about 3/4 days a week in the gym. I wasn’t going hard as I was nor was I too focused on my diet. Overtime, I slowly upped my volume and cleaned up my diet. I also reduced my cardio (college basketball) which I felt…

  • Madeline’s Transformation

    Madeline is a BEAST!!  She started her activated transformation last March and has been on it! She wanted to focus on maintaining her curves while toning out. We broke down what she needed to do and she’s been super consistent with the workouts and the diet! Her 3-month transformation is amazing, imagine her a year from now!   I used…